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Finding your passions in God’s plan.

People want to gather, so what makes LifeGroups different? How do people do life together? LifeGroups are centered on what you love. Do you enjoy the outdoors? There’s a LifeGroup for that. How about sports? We’ve got you covered. Find yourself to be more of an artist? You are going to find people that do life just like you, here!

LifeGroups focus on what you love and propel you into a better life. Find individuals who share your interests and invest in yourself by discovering community through LifeGroups! We invite you beyond Sundays to LifeGroups, finding your passions in God’s plan.

With an ever-growing list of interests, we’ve made it easy to check out LifeGroups through eight simple categories. New LifeGroups are added every quarter. Check out what’s available from Westmore now.


Discover your form of expression in our studio.


Learn to lead with purpose and vision now.


Join our crew, gear-heads, collectors, and motorsports fans.


Enjoy fresh air, new friends, and better stories.


Stay active and connected in a league of your own.


It takes a village to make a house become your home.

Spiritual Formation

Experience God’s purpose for you and others.

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