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Your health is more than just a series of numbers. You deserve time to make the best choices for your age, emotional wellbeing, and overall health. Explore new approaches and viewpoints for your fitness and diet with a variety of information related to health and nutrition in these LifeGroups. It takes time to see changes, and these LifeGroup Facilitators are here to encourage you along the way. Invest in yourself and your future, today!

Women’s Prayer Walk

Join a small group of women who are walking and praying for their children and the younger generations. If you want to combine exercise and spiritual enrichment of praying with other ladies, this group is for you. Come casual, come sweaty – no judgment here!


Sandy Payne


Dates August 27 – November 19
Thursdays | 7:00 p.m.


Location Westmore Ministry Center
Paul Conn Patio
Childcare Not Available


Required Materials None


Women's Walking Group Signup

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